Outer space is not the "Wild West": There are clear rules for peace and war

At least the fictional Darth Vader looked and sounded like a "bad guy". Now days, we have Nibelungen nebbish looking paranoid bureaucrats and politicians with their tax payer paid for manicured fingers on the destruct buttons. At least in the Star Wars script, with Darth Vader there was no misunderstanding or uncertainty. Real human "bad guys" are a "pain in the Kilts"
As long as space venturers want to return to Earth regularly that may hold some persuasion.

If and when people actually semi-permanently reside in space or on foreign bodies everything will depend on who (what) is out there in force and wants to try to impose 'order' (control) on anyone/anything else.
At that point any Earth written agreements are pretty much meaningless.

There is no end of people high & mighty in their own imaginations. Luckily i never fall into that category. :D
No Wild West! Clear Rules for Peace and War!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Every space frontier anywhere in space and time was and is made from the laissez faire energies of a wild west, which is why we've gone nowhere in the space frontier in 60-years and will go nowhere but to Hawking's predicted, at most, 1,000 years left on a closed systemic, negative energy, high entropy, dystopian Earth Utopia until mass extinction!

"Opening the Space Frontier" means exactly what it says, OPENING the system! OPENING the Space Frontier! Evolutions and revolutions, an Exodus, of individualities rather than elitist totalitarian commune Gestapo-like police state Utopia (Dystopia) in space . . . in that next "Outland Frontier." The state has to put up with great risks of freeing mankind, of liberating energies, including great negatives as well as great positives, as all mankind's . . . and all life's . . . history and physics, natural laws, has put on display again and again, and again.

In Chaos Theory, what does a flexible and beautiful "Nature" look like? The same thing the noted historian of Civilization, Will Durant, described for a dynamically flexible Civilization . . . the same thing the Roman Cicero described concerning law and laws more than 2,000 years ago! "Few rules!" "Fewer laws!" But all the more absolute in nature for being far fewer!

The Savage State, as Will Durant pointed out in the Story of Civilization (and as Thomas Jefferson pointed out to a French aristocrat friend in letters before the French Revolution) so clearly, has far more rules and laws ruling effectively every life and life activity, of what is then nonsensically immature adult children, than the Civilized State does ruling its far freer, far more liberated, far more positive genius and positively energetic, far more maturely and sensibly self-disciplined, adults.
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