Space exploration should aim for peace, collaboration and co-operation, not war and competition

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IMO; Sadly, co-operation and collaboration for Peace in Space may be just a tad too much to expect of H. Sapiens' evolutionary genetic inheritance. E.G.: Remember the slogans: "Trust but verify", "Police action/Limited warfare", and "MAD",( Mutually Assured Destruction). Hopefully, I'm wrong.
Nov 28, 2023
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I'm surprised at the lack of posts here. Almost as if the community dismisses the subject (the UN has it in hand?). Currently we just buzz around the Earth. Once we have landed then Real Estate becomes an issue.
The problem is that we are not at peace on Earth's surface, and having assets in space is used for military actions here on the ground. Weapons are guided by GPS and similar systems. Satellites are used for communication and coordination of ground forces. Satellites are used for spotting enemy assets and movements.

So, Russia is trying to invade Ukraine and wants to disable those assets. They are actively doing radio jamming, now. They are developing weapons to disable satellites. So is China. So is the U.S.

At least, nobody is currently putting nuclear bombs into orbit to provide a first-strike capability (so far as we can tell). But, the U.S., Russia and China all seem to be using reusable space plane vehicles to inspect each other's satellites. I don't know about "trust" but I think I am seeing "verify" all around.

The problem is that the UN is just a platitude factory. It has no enforcement power. For example, it supposedly forbids North Korea from developing nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles to deliver them - for which the UN is zero for 2.

At some point, some "rouge nation" is probably going to try to put bombs into orbit. Somebody else may or may not decide to shoot them down. I say may not because I am watching North Korea and Iran continue to violate UN resolutions, and no one has yet takes steps to stop them, which would basically be starting a war. The UN seems to just be a collection of powerless people wringing their hands about problems they cannot solve.
Pragmatically occupation and defense are pretty much the bag.

IF one can sustain ongoing survival in space or any less gravitationally challenged body than Earth they occupy the high ground.

From my adolescent years in "The moon is a harsh mistress" the lunar prison colony won independence by dropping large rocks on the Earth.

All the 'peace' talk on this planet is empty perfumed wind.
People who can't even preserve their own life and death asset, namely the biosphere, & the irrational cheerleaders of this reckless destruction agenda get away with labeling themselves 'conservatives',
means no one has standing in credibility.

Quit the contradictory doublespeak as a tiny starting goal.
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