'Remarkable' explosions from colliding, dead stars could reveal the true expansion rate of the universe

Stuff keeps happening here with defining the value for H0 used :). Edit, General disorder and his aid Major disaster reports for duty when measuring H0 :) Perhaps Murphy's law is at work.

James Webb Space Telescope deepens major debate over universe's expansion rate, https://forums.space.com/threads/ja...r-debate-over-universes-expansion-rate.63114/

Billion-light-year-wide 'bubble of galaxies' discovered, https://phys.org/news/2023-09-billion-light-year-wide-galaxies.html

Ref - Ho'oleilana: An Individual Baryon Acoustic Oscillation?, https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/1538-4357/aceaf3, 05-Sep-2023. "Abstract Theory of the physics of the early hot universe leads to a prediction of baryon acoustic oscillations (BAOs) that has received confirmation from the pairwise separations of galaxies in samples of hundreds of thousands of objects. Evidence is presented here for the discovery of a remarkably strong individual contribution to the BAO signal at z = 0.068, an entity that is given the name Ho'oleilana. The radius of the 3D structure is 155...Mpc. At its core is the Boötes supercluster. The Sloan Great Wall, Center for Astrophysics Great Wall, and Hercules complex all lie within the BAO shell. The interpretation of Ho'oleilana as a BAO structure with our preferred analysis implies a value of the Hubble constant of 76.9...km/s/Mpc."

My note. H0=76.9 km/s/Mpc is a much higher value than 67 or 68 km/s/Mpc. Using Ned Wright calculator, H0=76.9 km/s/Mpc and z=0, "It is now 12.420 Gyr since the Big Bang. The age at redshift z was 12.420 Gyr." The universe age shrinks to less than 12.5E+9 years old 😊 Using this calculator, https://www.kempner.net/cosmic.php, z=0 and H0 = 76.9 km/s/Mpc, "age of the Universe at z = 12.0567 Gyr".
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