See the moon dance with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades before dawn on Aug. 9

This morning I could see the Moon *dance* about 2.5-degrees from Jupiter's position in Aries :)

Observed 0530-0630 EDT. Last Quarter Moon 08-August-2023 at 1028 UT/0628 EDT. Sunrise 0614 EDT. Unaided eye views and 10x50 binocular views of the Last Quarter Moon in Aries and Jupiter about 2.5-degrees angular separation. Clavius crater and others along lunar terminator visible using my 10x50 binoculars. T-storms yesterday and in the evening moved through the area. This morning 21C, winds 270/7 knots, humidity 92% and scud layers moving by quickly while I viewed the Moon and Jupiter. I used Starry Night, Stellarium, and Virtual Moon Atlas for some details.

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