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Jan 6, 2020
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Anybody familiar with ivan0135`s skinnybob videos posted on youtube?
If so, what do you make of them, real/fake?
Also, has anybody seen any other footage related to this besides what is available here;
Im new to this forum and searched skinnybob with no results so if this has already been discussed, please forgive me.


Jan 5, 2020
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Yeah, when it comes to video platforms like YouTube (pretty much any social media site, actually), it's best to be sake such things like "skinny bob" with a grain of salt. Of all the videos and "100% proof!" Claims posted, just ask yourself one question: if they WERE real, wouldn't the video have already been flagged and deleted by super secret government organisations so many conspiracy loonies believe at the moment?
It's fun to speculate on videos like old Bobby there, but when it comes to truth vs fiction, it's always fiction, especially when it's a video posted on YouTube.

I'm not saying alien life that isn't real or that it hasn't played a visit to our fair planet, but for once, in all of the"alien sightings" videos floating around online, just ONCE, I'd like someone to go running after a small creature hiding behind a tree in the middle of the bush, not have 3+ big, burly blokes packing serious hunting weapons to turn tail and run crying away the second they notice it skulking around.
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