Space mine field - PBHs?

There's an article in Star Date mag. about PBHs (Primordial Black Holes) that hypothesizes them to help explain some things, especially DM (Dark Matter). Each one is very low mass.

While awaiting my colonoscopy this morning, I wondered what it would be like to travel at a relativistic speed and suddenly hitting one of these tiny objects. Traveling at a slow speed of, say, 20%c (~ 180 million kph) and hitting just about anything would not be a pretty site.

So the trick would be to avoid these and any other object. For visible objects, intense headlights and telescopes would likely be effective, but invisible PBHs would be a problem, I would assume. However, if there was a lead drone ship with rear lighting, then perhaps they would be detectable with microlensing?

Traveling to any destination in this part of the galaxy would be almost a straight line (flat profile geodesic), which would make it fairly easy for the pair of ships. But there may be a dilemma because the telescopes would encounter too much glare from the drone to see the normal objects. I suppose, however, that they could use short-period light pulses synched to allow both objects to be detected.

[BTW, for those who have had prior colonoscopies and fear the next one, know that in lieu of drinking multiple nasty tasting fluid, I only had to drink two small bottles and they weren't distasteful at all, thankfully! The anesthesia used was far better as well - no after effects hardly at all.]
I would want a large mass way out in front of me to "sweep out" a debris free zone I could follow in.
Even a small scout device could be used to detect debris so I could step sideways and avoid it. Also such a device would move sideways if it passed a Primordial Black Hole.
In my spaceship I would have pods that enveloped me in form fitting gel like material, my internal lung void would be temporarily filled with an oxygen containing fluid. The pod would rotate to spread the g-forces out evenly. In this way I might vastly extend the permissable g-force, currently (with pressure suit) somewhere around 10 g's for maybe ten seconds or so.