SpaceX joining FAA to fight environmental groups' Starship lawsuit: report

May 24, 2023
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I think the FAA is tripping SpaceX too much with the help of some neighbors and environmental associations. If what they want is a Garden of Eden, if I could move SpaceX elsewhere and it was in my hands, I would do it in Eastern Europe, to bring prosperity and work there, making the Bocachica area one of the poorest. from the US again.
They do not take into account everything they are doing there, they prefer the desert, give it to us!
I think it was a poor decision by SpaceX to launch Super Heavy from such an ill-prepared pad. They were a few months away from an improved pad. They might have achieved a lot more data, as much as they now hope to get from a second launch, if the pad had not been broken apart and sent debris into the booster.

I wonder if all of the local legal interventions and resultant bureaucratic foot-dragging had anything to do with them pushing the launch to the earliest date possible in the regulatory process.