SpaceX's 1st Starship launches on epic test flight, explodes in 'rapid unscheduled disassembly'

Jun 7, 2021
I was there to see it live. It was amazing. To see the largest rocket ever built climb into the sky on a pillar of flame was awe inspiring. The sound was incredible. It was the first launch I have ever witnessed live in my 75 yrs. Since this was the largest rocket ever built (bigger than the Saturn V or N1 & twice as powerful), I couldn't let the inaugural launch be missed. I was standing 6 mi away on the south end of South Padre Island with hundreds of my fellow SpaceX fans. As that bad boy started to climb everyone was saying "Go! Go! Go!'. My response was "It hasn't blown up yet !" The launch is a testament to the amazing SpaceX engineers. The day before , I went to STARBASE to see this bad boy up close. What is amazing is you can stand across the street from the world's largest rocket less than 500 feet away. You can't do that at Kennedy. Later , I was told at my hotel (1 mile from where I was standing), that their windows shook as if a jet was making a low pass over the hotel, when Starship launched. I feel grateful to still be alive to witness this. I will definitely go back down there to see the first RTLS attempt. Seeing the chopsticks catch a heavy will be something else.