'Superpuff' alien worlds could be ringed giant planets just like Saturn

All four outer planets in our solar system sport at least a few rings, but so far, we haven't observed any such features around exoplanets. That's confusing.

'Superpuff' alien worlds could be ringed giant planets just like Saturn : Read more
Enjoyable exoplanet here. I note this in the report. “Kepler-51b has a mass about twice that of Earth and a radius about seven times larger, and it orbits its star every 45 days. With its 130-day orbit, Kepler-51d is a bit larger, about 7.5 times as massive as Earth with a radius nearly ten times that of our planet. The third sibling, Kepler-51c, takes 85 days to travel around the star and has about four times the radius of Earth. By combining the updated mass with the revised radius, the researchers could calculate that the densities of the planets ranged from 0.03 grams to 0.06 grams per cubic centimeter. That's a tenth as dense as Saturn, the solar system's least dense planet, and one that would float in water if you could find a bathtub big enough.”

The possible ringed system exoplanets currently are observed orbiting very close to the parent star. Other reports I have on this interesting topic show they must migrate from farther out to be where they are at today. "Models suggest these planets formed outside of the star's "snow line," the region of possible orbits where icy materials can survive. The planets then migrated inward, like a string of railroad cars...", ref - 'Cotton candy' planet mysteries unravel in new Hubble observations

Presently we have 4186 exoplanets confirmed, The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia

There are 2996 detected by primary transit method according to the site I list. The primary transit method was discussed in the report here. Presently it seems, only 3 are considered superpuffs.


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