Surprise! Pluto may have had an underground ocean from the very beginning

"Pluto may be a more habitable world than scientists had thought."

I find thinking like this very interesting about life arising on Pluto :) The paper said, "A hot initial start can be achieved with the gravitational energy released during accretion if the final stage of Pluto’s accretion is rapid (<30 kyr). A fast final stage of growth is in agreement with models of the formation of Kuiper belt objects via gravitational collapse followed by pebble accretion, and implies that early oceans may have been common in the interiors of large Kuiper belt objects.",

The *final stage* of Pluto formation must be fast, < 30,000 years is the take away here. I did not see the amount of mass used in the accretion disk(s) in the outer areas of the solar system to form the final stage of Pluto in < 30,000 years or other amounts of the protoplanetary disk(s) discussed.

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