The James Webb Space Telescope: My View of What It Is

Why NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Matters So Much | Quanta Magazine

It's going to be great if it works, and it won't do what they are saying it will do, at all ("History always repeats in large aspect, but never -- well almost never -- in fine detail")!

From such distances as 13 billion x 6 trillion miles and 13 billion years the picture has been broken and been reformed over and over again. There is no possibility -- no slightest chance of a possibility -- of anything like where and when coming out of what the James Webb telescope is capable of doing; is supposed to do.

It will, though, deal in what and how rather than where and when. If it works as it is supposed to work, at distances beyond a certain relativity (relativity has not been taken into account and will break down), it will be the greatest, most titanic and capable, microscope ever conceived of and built by mankind. It will essentially look deeply around curves, bends and corners of that cauldron of wilderness chaos grown and reached until reaching the point of looking into how what forms us forms us (sic) (at least up to a certain point, the horizon of relativity).

Relatively speaking, it can only be a telescope up to certain point, and if it is good enough, strong enough, it then becomes a tremendous microscope.
Jul 27, 2021
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Great point.
But also behind 'where and when' it has clear enough stated tasks as exoplanets observation, definitely looking further it will bring more information on known and might be not observed yet phenomenon, will enrich our databases with misfits.
Might be microscope - nice wording.
As we often think in micro towards macro direction, what if it gets us thinking vice versa more (taking into account that micro particle world is resting for a while upon the 'Higgs boson found').


Jan 19, 2022
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Too much effort has been invested in Webb to let it die in a decade or so. We need to learn to do servicing missions to Webb and its successors, and any other objects at Lagrange points or in solar orbits.

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