The moon and Jupiter shine near Uranus tonight. Here's how to see them.

I did get out early this morning and view Jupiter, Moon, and Saturn using my telescope. There was a skunk somewhere nearby earlier too :) The fields and pastures lit up by the moonlight, lovely sight.

Observed 0345-0515 EDT. Sunrise near 0551 EDT. Last Quarter Moon 10-July-2023 0148 UT so waning crescent this morning. I enjoyed views of Jupiter, Io shadow transit, views of various craters along terminator line of the Moon, Saturn, Titan, and Rhea moons visible at 71x. I used #58 green filter for Jupiter and the Io shadow transit as well as lunar observations. Io shadow transit began 0832/0835 UT, a tiny spot visible especially about 10 minutes later and near 0500 EDT. The #58 green filter enhances cloud bands on Jupiter and shadow transits of the Galilean moons as well as Great Red Spot transits. Saturn ring system is much more narrow view now compared to wider angle sights I enjoyed in the past. Some hint of cloud banding noticeable at Saturn. Copernicus crater on the Moon and many others in southern region along the terminator line quite distinct at 71x. I used my 90-mm refractor telescope with TeleVue 14-mm Delos eyepiece. Weather clear skies, temperature 18C with NW winds 4 knots. 3 satellites passed near Saturn position. One moving east, the others moving south. All were about 2nd or 3rd magnitude. Jupiter and the Moon in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius. The Moon and Jupiter about 6-degrees apart near 0400 EDT.