The Shape of String Singularity and the 'Theory of Everything' (the 'TOE')

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I used to wonder if you turned a string singularity on end would you have a 0-point (portal). Then I realized these strings circle into themselves, like the proverbial snake that swallows its own tail until it has swallowed all of itself to the 0-point (portal) I kept wondering about. It is a string, and doughnut and twisting infinity symbol, disk ring circling, encompassing, a 0-point, at once a two-point bar of bipolar (+/-) charge (altogether, a telescoping gyroscopic).
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"It is a string, and doughnut and twisting infinity symbol, disk ring circling, encompassing, a 0-point, at once a two-point bar of bipolar (+/-) charge (altogether, a telescoping gyroscopic)." The metamorphosis when it is rounded out, if you look at it closely and think about it, is a warp-able space-time bubble.

Spin from the perpendicular bar (the bar a force field as it is regarding the Earth's bipolar field) fast enough and the two charge points (+/-) try to occupy the same space, in both spaces of (+/-), at the same time, as does the clockwise (>) and counter-clockwise (<) equatorial rotations, which isn't going to happen, and the gyroscopic mirrors, divides, into three sides, three entities from the one, positive and negative, like matter and energy and negative matter and negative energy (neutrality, as I have it, being the third and trojan corner-point of a triangulation; the third side and entity, the "anti"-matter and "anti" energy). Three, not two, equal but opposites. There is no getting rid of the primal / fundamental binary base2 '0' (null unity) | '1' (unity) . . . and parity (+/-). Again, the three dimensions (including the "trojan" dimension) of primal / fundamental binary base2!

There is no getting rid of that horizon 0-d point (portal) 1-d string "(graviton) singularity." That....
Gravity cone of space....
cone of time....
cone of space-time.
That warp-able spacetime bubble.
Those "zoom" levels -- that multiverse multi-dimensionality -- of universe.
Those countless many worlds, countless many universes, countless many warp-able spacetime bubbles.
Just no losing the ([infinite (infinitesimal) | infinitesimal (infinite)]) hyper-spacetime dimensionality of spacetime.
Nor the past [(into the future) | future (into the past)] of the same.

Thus, no losing the 'High' Frontiers, the hyper-frontier, the "Life Zone," too many physicists, among too many others, keep trying so fanatically damn hard to lose . . . to kill off. A decline-ism, a constant buildup of "downfall," therefore a constant buildup of "Utopia" (in place) and utopian universe at large ("Dystopia" (in place) and dystopian universe at large), not for the first, nor even the second and third, time in history.

As Stephen Hawking once wrote, the philosophy of physics, the physics of philosophy, should never have been divided out from physics . . . and from philosophy. They were once upon a time richly one and the same for what it was worth, self-similar, self-explanatory. Now the closest means of re-uniting them, and work to re-unite them, is Chaos Theory and the Science of Complexity.
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The above and?

1) Graviton singularity ([infinite (infinitesimal) | infinitesimal (infinite)]).
2) Graviton singularity (magnetic monopole) | magnetic monopole (graviton singularity).
Since I deal not only in a local center of gravity but in a non-local gravity location and direction of infinity, the collapsed Horizon of the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe, and a third and trojan dimension of zero-g, or dimension of anti-gravity, I need to revamp #53 above to cover the rest of bases, so to speak, better:

1) Graviton singularity ([infinite (infinitesimal) | infinitesimal (infinite] absolute (there being no difference whatsoever in scope -- becomes, non-locally qualitatively objectively absolute -- when you take out the subjectively relative finite local. Put the subjectively relative finite local in, you exist within the infinite of universe, the infinity of universes / the infinitesimal of universe exists within you, the infinity of infinitesimal universes within you. And all the same universe and universes).

2) Graviton singularity '-1' (magnetic monopole (-)) || magnetic monopole (-) (graviton singularity '-1'). (Also 'mirror' matter (-1) / negative energy (-1)). The negative (-) of universe (1 (unity)).

3) Graviton singularity '+1' (magnetic monopole (+)) || magnetic monopole (+) (graviton singularity '+1'). (Also 'mirror' matter (+1) / positive energy (+1)). The positive (+) of universe (1 (unity).

4) Graviton singularity '0-point (portal)' (magnetic moment) || string (ring) singularity . . . in the disk, 'Flatland' . . . in the bubble of warp spacetime, a bulging soliton and/or telescoping gyroscopic(s). 'Mule': the 'Mirror'; the neutral or anti of universe ('0' (null unity)). Thus, countless many universes and altogether, all at once, in Horizon coalescing a negative of gravity, gravity to the rim of each universe, gravity to the rest of the countless-ness of bodies . . . though the infinite quality of the "set" will never tear apart the finite quality of the constituency of the set that makes up the "set" of the cosmic all.

The influence of the rim outland "set" will always be present, perhaps as an [energy] of expansionism (+) to the infinite of the "set" of universes contrasting with an equal but opposite [energy] of compaction (-) of universe into exactly the same infinite "set" of the universes. Opposite ends of the cone of relativity. Relativity meaning, ultimately, a question, "Which end of the cone is up and out and which end is down and in?" Or, ultimately, is there any difference at all between the contrasts? A warp spacetime soliton-bubble can go both ways and yet keep its local soliton shape and dimensionality of spacetime as it drops down and in into hyper-spacetime universe maybe even better than rising up and out into it (that is, if the two weren't the same, which I see them, ultimately ([infinite (infinitesimal) | infinitesimal (infinite)]) absolute, to be). It's an Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe.
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A black hole is a funnel having two ends, two points. End point A and end point B. End point A is the end of time. End point B is the beginning of time. Being Chaos Theory's level of hot as a blurred blazing storied hell, thus as infinitely disordered as the entropic wild can get, not a place anyone should choose for traveling to unless they want to be spread like a quantum cloud, like a classic cloud, uniformly, throughout all cosmic spacetime. The black hole will eventually swallow itself up, too, end point A of time ending, to end point B of time beginning. And the infinities of horizons of multiverse universe go on . . . the infinities of universes go on . . . end point B (beginning) to end point A (ending).

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