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firstly, i`m often on, & kinda lost my, "tenure" there. so, i found this, & thought y`all would like. & maybe something like this has disgussed on here before. but here ya go, enjoy. please keep in mind someone else wrote this. i`m just a messenger.
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Hypothetical Situation - Could you be in my crew?
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July 23 2009, 11:50 PM #1
Fleet Captain

Location: "Go ahead, caller. I'm listening." Hypothetical Situation - Could you be in my crew?


This is, of course, a completely hypothetical situation, so I would appreciate HONESTY in your responses, please. Don't try to trick me, "just in case", because this will NEVER happen.

Suppose that one day a couple of years ago, my cell phone rang and it was my ship calling, the U.S.S. Triumphant, which had mysteriously become real and entered Earth orbit, crewless. It was calling to ask me if I was ready for beam-up, and I said "oh HELL yeah!" Further, it recognises me as a Starfleet Fleet Admiral (since that is in my written specs for the ship) and gives me full control.

About two dozen of my friends and family and I have now spent the time since then living on the ship, checking it out and making certain that, despite its mysterious origins, it seems reasonably safe. And, of course, flying around in the fighters and shuttles and enjoying the replicators and holodecks.

I've reached a point where I really want to start doing something with the ship. I have three projects in mind:

A. I want to take some time to use the might and tech of the ship to try to resolve some long-standing and seemingly unsolvable global issues. Things like repairing the ozone, fixing Ethiopia so that it is easily farmable again, putting a stationary platform in orbit that continuously uses transporters and sensors to confiscate any weapons more advanced than knives from the Middle East, releasing shielded drones to provide free and uncensored internet access EVERYWHERE.

B. During that time, I want to very carefully use the technology to raise the general quality of life on Earth - as far as I can without providing anyone with tech that could actually endanger my ship or allow Earth nations to go conquering. I could probably safely advance Earth tech to most of 23rd century Trek standards, I think.

C. After doing a reasonable amount of A and B for, say, no more than 5 years, it would be time to go exploring. During the five years, I'd also have been using the holodecks to train crew.

So here's the question all of that is leading to: Provided that my continuing goals would be the promotion of truth, justice, freedom, and positive relations for Earth, and I would be falling back on the advice of holodeck versions of Kirk, Spock, and Picard when in doubt, could I trust YOU to be a member of my crew, and actually follow a chain of command? Or would you mutiny and try to take control of the ship? Or would you just not want to be a part of any of it?

Or what? And why?
As the philosopher wisely said: Everybody, have fun tonight. Everybody, Wang Chung tonight.

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I would mutiny and try to take control of the ship.

No ONE person should set themselves up as a benevolent dictator of the entirety of humanity simply due to powerful technology.

Unless, of course, that person happened to be me... ;) But, if I was a benevolent dictator, nobody would ever notice it. I'm sneaky like that...


Any person that names their ship the USS Triumphant will not stay benevolent long.

Why would you keep the ship, and not turn it over to the best minds of our planet if you are benevolent? It's like a kid that picks up a hand grenade, and thinks suddenly he is in charge of his friends because he found the weapon.

Why only weapons larger than a knife in the middle east? Take all weapons larger than a knife from us Americans, that would be really funny [Glancing south with a smirk on my face].

If the ship is fully intact, send designs for cold fusion, and medical technologies to all the largest universes in the world.


We are the Uplink Collective. You will be assimilated. Resistance is so gauche. ;)


Just because you can advance technology level, it doesn't mean you can advance mindset of the people.
All you would end up doing is giving them bigger guns, and ability to teleport behind their backs and stab them with something pointy.

And I wouldn't serve under you.
Power to the people.


I'd mutiny too.
Screw this messed up planet, I'd quietly recruit the young, strong and healthy members of our world, regardless of race or religion, and spend the next few years finding and populating the nearest habitable worlds.
Before I'd even think about trying to do anything for this goofy planet, I'd make sure at least a dozen worlds out there had viable human colonies on them.
After that, I might just as well gather one last shipload of colonists then bomb this place back into the Stone Age! Let the human race start over here on Earth too! Then head out and never look back.

I guess I've never really been 'benevolent' and I aint cut out to be a dictator!
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