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Mar 5, 2021
Ich würde Bücher, ein Teleskop, gute Schuhe, eine Waffe, Insektenspray, Antibiotika, Ferngläser, Sonnenbrillen, Vitamintabletten und mein spezielles Kissen für süße Träume mitnehmen.

Google Translated:
I would take books, a telescope, good shoes, a gun, bug spray, antibiotics, binoculars, sunglasses, vitamin tablets and my special pillow for sweet dreams.

Ah yes guns, would they even work in space? Better yet, would they let you have one? Probs not lol


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
ST "Ah yes guns, would they even work in space?"

I don't see why not. An explosion takes place in a confined space and propels the bullet in the only direction available to respond to the pressure.

Cat :)
Jan 17, 2020

Ok, so, imagine for a second that you are about to set off on a journey. Not just any journey, though - you're heading to another planet! It turns out that this planet is about a year away. So, knowing that you'll be spending a total of two years going back and forth, the question is...what would you make sure to take with you? This could range from basic necessities to something more personal - it's totally up to you!

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I would need the equivalent of a faraday cage, connected to a frequency generator, to sleep in.