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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Please pardon my interruption. I don't suppose anyone will answer. I tried to post this new thread in Article Commentary, but the option was not there.

Would it not be better to have a separate channel for the constant stream of good, interesting thought provoking items which constantly overwrites our own Article Commentary? You scarcely get a chance to see them before they overwrite themselves even. Otherwise we have to inappropriately post in the Space section.
And PLEASE, Mr or Ms Management, can we please have a SUGGESTION BOX?

Again, with apologies for interrupting the competition thread, Should I have written this in Solar System or Cosmology?

Cat :)


This is certainly the right section to make recommendations/suggestions. Article Commentary is for, well, comments for articles, not for starting independent threads on related topics.

Such articles should be started in the other sections of the forums. As you see below, some of our Community Managers have been informed and may comment further.

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
COLGeek, Sir, Thank you for your reply. With respect, may I say why I am still confused?

Article Commentary seems to consist almost entirely of threads started by Admin having mostly 0 or single figure replies and mostly many fewer than 100 views. It will take only seconds to verify this.

This, imho, is not due to any lack of interest in their content. Quite the opposite. They contain very interesting topics highly suitable for raising here. In my experience, the reason is because they "flash by" so quickly. I have replied to real gems of information here, but I have found them because (a) I spend a lot of time here and check the location quite frequently, or, (b) because I regularly check back in this location, for this specific reason.

These threads would logically be sub divided according to their individual subject matter, but I understand that there are reasons not to do this.
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You, yourself said "Such articles should be started in the other sections of the forums."
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I believe the forum would be more patronised if it were* made more accessible to parties interested enough to arrive here in the first place. I have raised all these issues with Management already.

Please be assured that I have nothing but the best interests of the forum in mind.**

Cat :)

Edit * addition of word "were".
** correction of phrase.
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