Tibetan Thangka—A form of art and religious symbol

Feb 21, 2020
Tibet Thangka is getting more and more popular now, but still many people do n’t know what Thangka is? Thangka is a unique form of painting art in Tibetan culture. In 2006, Thangka was approved by the State Council and the Ministry of Culture for the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists. Known as the "Encyclopedia" of the Tibetans, Thangka is a Tibetan phonetic transliteration, which is simply a Tibetan scroll painting, which is mounted and enshrined in colored satin. The content is mainly religious, with distinct national characteristics and unique artistic style, and has always been regarded as a treasure. There are Thangkas in any temple, Buddhist temple, monk's house and even believer's home in Tibet!