Time-lapse video shows a supernova's aftermath ballooning into space

The black box below the byline is the video. You must wait until it loads, then wait 30 seconds while commercials play before it will start.

While it is nothing but a perfectly black rectangle, should you naively tab downwards looking for the video, when it finally does start, it will start as a miniature popup in the lower right corner of the screen.

The right third of the screen is traditionally reserved for advertisements and, yes, it is an advertisement. BUT, when the ad is over, the desired video is now playing in a zone I never look at. The motion does not draw my attention as EVERY page is full of motion. It took me about three months of poking around SDC before I finally figured this out.

I have no problem with using commercials to pay the bills, but what's with the excessive loading delay? My connection is fiber optic, over 500 Mbps up and down, so it isn't my connection is the problem. It is in SDC servers. My guess is they wait for a commercial free page to load and then execute a selection process to see which commercial gets aired, and then wait for it to load. I would prefer the commercials would be the first thing to load, get them out of the way. All they do is upset their clientele.