Warped Number Lines & aka 'Dark Matter'

Warped Number Lines & aka 'Dark Matter'

Inside a black hole likely there is a singularity.
A point of no space and no flow/passage of time.
In massive black holes there might be multiple singularities or an extent of singularity.

An extent of singularity is an extent of an absence of extent.
Would that be considered 'negative space'? Akin to the 'size' of zero. That some zeros are larger (have a bigger 'footprint'?) than others.

Imagine a number line where zero occupies a span. How large might we make that span?
Maybe our positive and negative integer line is transecting the surface into the interior of an infinite zero (span).

If zero really has no extent we cross it into a mirror positive integer sequence, like no negative space is possible?

Can zero only be a larger (non-point) span if negative space is inside it? The extent of non-extent?
An absence of magnitude is the definition of zero,
which means it is scale independent.
The magnitude of an absence of magnitude.

My guess is the mass halo attributed to thus far mythical 'dark matter' is actually a mass field produced by a BH's singularity or population or extent thereof.

And people will hate it, but negative space would fit with inverse time-flow, and you know where that goes....

Imagine the relative mass of superluminal velocity traversing the negative space of a span/extent of singularity.

Obviously my speculation would have to create a non-standard mass curve (to fit the actual distribution of mass, 'halos').
Standard mass relates to space and time in a certain way(s).
This would be superluminal relative mass rooted at its core starting from negative space and inverse time.

Now you have visited the interior of my warped & possibly warping mind!

I guess the acid question is, 'is any interior space of [a] zero necessarily negative?'
Scale independence [of zero] also means dimension[al] independence.
Those are properties it shares with infinity.

As for zero being a discontinuity any identifiable (rational?) value is a discontinuity embedded in the/an alledged continuous number line. I don't know if infinity would be considered a discontinuity or not.

Expanding/going-inside-of a discontinuity facilitates accessing other dimensionality.
I'm still not completely convinced of negative numbers/space being on the interior of zero.

Although if one thinks of zero as a membrane and pushing with a modicum of pressure and the further one achieves progress the greater the negativity. That 'sounds' better, but may not be conclusive.

The space within no space? Maybe.

The space within no space that perhaps gets borrowed from the past [or future?]?

Space out of its indigenous time [frame]?

Odd thought,
If some fraction of time flow gets shunted/redirected to elsewhere [when?] it seems like its proportionate space would go with it.
Does the mass of potential energy relate to the fact that energy is out of the time flow and the potential time [and space?] when that energy would be realized is to some degree bound up with it & thereby removed from the mass field?

The mass field is holding back [some] time [flow] as reserved [entwined] with the potential energy....

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