'We can find life outside the solar system in 25 years', researcher says

I'm surprised that we have not detected off Earth microbial life or traces of such in our solar system. That situation may be an indicator of reality. IMO, complex life forms and optimistically those that are euphemistically termed "Little Green Men" do not exist. i.e.: Have not evolved within a range detectable from Earth. The "slimly, slithery" non-complex life form stuff is probably out there somewhere, but the complex version of the "stuff" is readily found here on Earth in jails, dark alleys and politics.
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The article stated, "What we do not know is if these terrestrial planets have atmospheres and what these atmospheres are made of," Quanz said. "We need to investigate the atmospheres of these planets. We need an observational approach that would allow us to take pictures of these planets."

Cataloging exoplanet atmospheres and temperatures is a difficult job. Here is a new database tracking exoplanets with their atmospheres, Exoplanet atmospheres (iac.es) I received an email this morning about this site.

There is 118 unique planets found in the table with atmosphere studies and showing temperatures. The list of 118 range from 163 K to 3921 K temperatures with atmosphere info. The exoplanet.eu site lists 5168 confirmed, shows 1090 exoplanets with temperatures. The effort is well underway now to catalogue exoplanet temperatures and atmospheres.
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