We predicted years ago that dark matter behaves wave-like

Last month, a paper was published in Nature Astronomy by the University of Hong Kong, proving that dark matter is wave-like. This discovery marks a significant milestone in our understanding of this enigmatic substance.


Einstein rings modulated by wavelike dark matter from anomalies in gravitationally lensed images

The paper has garnered considerable attention, with numerous reports highlighting its implications. One such report can be found at the following link:

New Study of Einstein Rings Says Dark Matter Behaves More Like a Wave, Not a Particle

Our research predicted years ago that dark matter behaves as waves. Our study reveals dark matter, or the unknown gravity force, is exerted by electromagnetic waves, not by even minuscule particles such as hypothetical Axion.

This is the link on the gravity force equations between photons or mass and photon:


This is an explanation on why dark matter is light/EM waves published in year 2020:


The following is a very brief comparison of our theory and others on Dark Matter:


Dark Matter vs MOND vs Gravity by EM Waves, A comparative examination of cosmological observations through three theories

Our next prediction is further comprehensive research will show that dark matter will not only exhibit wave-like behavior, but also display its effect on EM waves with varying frequencies. We are confident that these predictions will be substantiated and validated through meticulous analysis of gravitationally lensed images, particularly those obtained by the James Webb Space Telescope.

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