What is emergent gravity, and will it rewrite physics?

Feb 17, 2023
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The ideas of Theory Z0 using the density of energy to drive the acceleration seen as gravity have applications to this view.

The Z0 Theory is a new idea about gravity, simplifying the complex ideas developed over the last century. Instead of thinking of gravity as a force pulling things together, it suggests a connection to acceleration. This means gravity is linked to electromagnetic energy, not mass, as traditionally believed.

At its core, Z0 challenges traditional notions by proposing that gravity is not a force of attraction but rather an 'equivalence' related to acceleration. This unique perspective links gravity to electromagnetic energy, departing from the conventional association with mass, as famously expressed in Einstein's E=mc².

Maxwell's equations play a crucial role. The speed of light (c) and the admittance of free space (Y0) are interconnected, revealing that alterations in these parameters impact the rate of energy flow. Changes in the speed of light, representing energy, are then identified as the acceleration attributed to gravity.

The gravitational constant in this framework denoted as Gv, where Gv = -Δx/Δ√ε0μ0, is intricately tied to the rate of change in the speed of energy. This theory not only offers a mechanism for gravity compatible with existing mathematical frameworks but also provides explanations for phenomena like black holes, and cosmic microwave background structures, and even postulates the existence of impedance bubbles as barrier structures.

Entropy, accounting for energy changes such as redshift and signal delays, becomes a key element in this quantum view of gravity based on energy. Z0 introduces a concept of 'quantum gravity,' emphasizing a connection between the complex admittance of energy into space.

Z0 presents a compelling framework where gravity is intricately tied to energy dynamics. This theory, akin to relativity, introduces the idea of a constant time and a variable speed of energy, explaining force as 'equivalent' gravity due to slight changes in energy density. It's a paradigm shift that seeks simplicity in explaining the profound mysteries of our universe.