Zenit 3F - Electro L-1 - 2010.Dec

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www.federalspace.ru : Fregat Tanked for Launch of National Weather Spacecraft Electro-L
:: 11.11.2010

Launch campaign of Zenith-SM/Fregat-SB and Russian Elecro-L weather spacecraft continues at Baikonur.

Yuzhny Space Center and Lavochkin R&D experts completed oxidizer filling into the upper stage’s tanks on Nov. 9, and commenced Fregat fuel tanking.
The launch of Electro-L by Zenith/Fregat is slated for late December.

Fregat-SB is a new modification of the Fregat upper stage, featured with additional propellant tanks. Due to this, Fregat-SB gets higher lifting capacity and operational time.

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