3D Printing-The key to launching a new business on the Moon

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What is 3D Printing?


3D Printing is basically taking a computer setting up the image to be printed with various 3D software programs that are then feed into the printing head to create the 3D object.

I have included s few companies and You Tube video's relating to this new type of industry.

You Tube Video's
Non-metallic 3D Printing
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LmQlbse ... re=related

3D Printing Companies

http://www.publicknowledge.org/it-will- ... crew-it-up

Metallic 3D Printing


3D Printing - Glass

"We have created the tea cup...now how do we get the tea inside of the cup?"

Using this type of technology on the Moon would allow space exploration to build it's own base where they would be able to mine and refine the ore from the Moon, asteroid or other planet refine the material into 3D Printable material which would then be used for a plethera of objects such as hoses, hose fittings, pressure fittings etc.

Does anyone have any idea of how these systems would replace the same systems on Earth that are used to create the parts that go into the building of an I.S.S. module, Lunar Lander, coupling devices etc that instead of being built on Earth the material to build the parts would be shipped via cargo ship to the Moon and then manufactured there as a smaller cost than building them on Earth. We could even see the invention of a 3D Thread Printing where clothes are designed and built using the same 3D printing process used to create plastic, metal and glass models.

I personally think the 3D Printing will revolutionize the quest of space exploration like the loom revolutionized the ability to spin large amounts of yarn into fabric which made designing clothes alot faster than doing it by hand.


I think it is X-Prize time.

Build and launch a lunar rover capable of processing lunar regolith into useful objects.

I for one, think it would be a fun project to build a little autonoumous robot that could go around and print out objects... I should do some research into whether Earth-materials such as sand or gravel could be processed into building material. 5 days on a hotel China? How about a few HOURS with my a large printing robot :ugeek: ?
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