Aliens actually speak to me and they're mean as hell!

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Feb 13, 2021
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So for two years I felt being attacked by beams of what looks like energy and see lots of different looking spacecrafts in the sky. My life has been turned into a sci fi movie and not a fun interesting way just depressing and horrible. They never shutup. And their beams have light and sound frequencies that cause massive amounts of pain and pressure, and burning they've scarred my face for life, they pretended to be the government first and two years into the pain and suffering they started talking and it's neverended, they have messes with everything my finances my marriage, my family, my friends I literally have nothing left because of them. I literally can't make love with my husband without getting assaulted. <<Political content removed by moderator>>

Aliens are not nice they hide behind the scenes so they can get away with hurting people. They can hack into any device none of my technology ever works right and they tell they're doing all this while or before it happens. People need to know the truth and open they're and realize everyone's thought and feelings are being messed with all day everyday.ive tried to contact literally every government agency and no one would even come and investigate. Even when I called the air force to explain the black triangular drone that was shooting light out of it in my backyard, and when I started explaining it he prettymuch finished describing perfectly for me. Still no one came to help. And the thought of aliens was always cool but I was never obsessed or over thought about it. If anyone else has experiences the same thing we should talk.
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Yes, regardless of how true that is or isn't, this suggests you should consider taking the next step and get help from the medical community. It's obvious you are willing to talk about it and that's a great first step and to be applauded.

There are so many things mentioned, nevertheless, that allows scientific scrutiny, yet not offered (e.g. videos) that it makes it, at least initially, difficult to take these multiple claims seriously. "Extraordinary claims" usually require "extraordinary evidence".

Also <<others>> are teetotalers so you may want to consider that you are stressing-out, as millions are today, unnecessarily, though there could be a biochemical or dietary issue you may need to discover. The fact that <<snip>> is mentioned makes me think the stress from the adverse political climate has made things worse for you.
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