About those UAPs

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Oct 2, 2023
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If you say you saw a UFO, no one can prove you didn't. If you tell Congress "So and so told me they have frozen bodies in storage" and that conversation actually occurred, then the person is telling the truth. Doesn't prove there were any bodies though.
Both me and my wife Know there are UAPs as when Bird watching in Spain my wife asked me what was sitting above the beach of Benidorm at about 1000 feet or so and we both looked and it looked like a 40-foot tube about 10 or 12 feet in diameter we looked at it with our Binoculars and it was vertical, it was colored burgundy on the top half and a beige on the bottom and what looked like a golden shimmer coming from the top. my wife was still looking at it with the binoculars as I reached into my pocket for my phone camera and she said its gone? We both looked in the clear blue sky and it was not in sight and we had a great view of the area. We cannot explain what we saw or where it went.
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Balloon. In the time it took to fetch a phone and open the camera app, it disappeared.
It takes me 45 seconds to find which pocket the camera is in, 15 seconds to master the "swipe" to get it open, 30 seconds to navigate to the proper screen, find the icon, tap it, wait, tap it again, tap it harder, more towards the center, there we go. All set now. Meanwhile the UAP is gone.

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