Best budget binoculars 2024: Cheap but high-quality models

Powerful (20X, 30X) binoculars are easily put out of alignment by rough handling. Realignment requires some disassembly and adjustment via tiny screws around the mirror assembly. Take a cheap (7x35) pair apart and get to know how its done. Then go find an out-of-collimation powerful pair for pennies and fix it yourself. I got my Celestron 30X100s this way.
Feb 25, 2020
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Bought a cheap set of compact binocs from Aliexpress just for light gathering when looking at the night sky in general, they are 3 x 50 and cost about US$50. Lenses were much better than expected, alignment was good, stars show as single sharp points, not much distortion, and you go from seeing a few hundred stars to many thousands. They are ideal for beginners who want something small, light and cheap, with good light gathering ability.
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