black/white hole

Jul 5, 2020
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I'm new to astrophysics and started watching videos and reading books about the universe and how it works. While reading about white holes and black holes i thought of a theory or an idea of what might be able to have created the big bang and the universe. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

What if all the matter that the black holes shallows inside of it creates a white hole but because of the gravitational pull inside, the time of our perspective goes ultimately slow to a point that it could take billions of years for the light and the rest of the matter to come out of a white hole, therefore we could not yet see it because the light haven't reached us yet. And there could be a white hole close to us but we are unable to see it because the light hasn’t travelled to us yet. In theory that wouldn't be possible because if the same thing happened in a different area of the universe it should've already reached us or we could pinpoint where the centre of our universe is. Another theory that there are visible white holes in our universe but we are unable to see them due to not providing any more matter, energy, etc. To explain it easier think of it as a pond (1) that is providing water to another soon to be pond (2) through a tiny holes in the ground. As the amount of the water inside the pond 2 increases the pond 1 slowly decreases its water amount. Now imagine the pond 1 doesn't exist anymore and the pond 2 fills up with more water. Every single particle of water inside it is a universe, and we see it going in all directions because of the force from the water in the pond 1, when the pond 2 is full the pressure is stopped but the motion is still going in a form of a wave that collides with each other until it keep expanding in all directions. While the water expands a small amount of water gets absorbed in the ground. Or in other words it becomes a black hole and the same motion continuous for infinity.

I hope that makes sense.
Again it’s only a theory, I’m not assuming anything.
(Also English is not my first language so please go easy on me if i made some mistakes)
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