Dark Matter Enigma

Jul 17, 2020
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Taken from the addendum of Dark Matter Transit 2
(The futility of Earth exporting its petty wars and rivalries out into space)

Ode To Dark Matter

I see it not, but I am aware,
I know that there is something there.
What is this thing that fills the void
twix you and I and the asteroids ?

It cannot be measured in feet or metre,
Nor even by mile of kilometre.
What is its’ use, I wonder why
It lurks unseen in a clear blue sky ?

Is it the flux that binds-all-together,
from Saturn’s rings to Scottish heather ?
Is this the place where spirits thrive.
The place we go when we are not alive ?

It is the unknown between the stars,
from way out there and Earth and Mars.
It is the path, as we evolve,
that beckons us on and on to solve.

What future then awaits mankind ?
If only we were not so blind.
Are our differences just so great
that world war three we contemplate ?

Sidetrack not-then our ultimate role
for irreligious or political goal.
If we can survive as the human race
Then wonders galore await us in space

Copy right
October 2019