Do we live in a rotating universe? If we did, we could travel back in time

Feb 19, 2023
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I think the universe is rotating but some early assumptions have been made in this article. Like the one that we should red and blueshift every lightbeam. Instead red and blueshift are direct evidence that the universe is rotating and because of that appears to be moving away from us. And it goes faster because the universe on a grand scale will ever rotate faster. This is the endgoal of al conservation of energy. Conserve it in rotations as a way of catapulting the universe to all time high rotation speeds. So in the end the speed isnt conservated any more and goes into a strait line.

The universe does this to work in on itself. We see actually one particle that can manage itself. Builds his own structure and forms, with no limits. Just like Lego.

Spacetime is the exactly the same as the forming of rotations, so it can not be distorted by it i think.
A while ago i saw a matmathhecian that exactly formulated it the way i see it, her name was M. Duchin.
I think to understand the base and interactions of the universe we must see it as an geniometrical system.
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