Faster than light stage: Faster than light universe?

I never thought about it, even when talking largest Black Hole Vortex of them all (universes themselves), but the universe itself as an umbrella entity has an integral speed frame, expansionist frame, that has sometimes been called faster than the speed of light which is the only way to see and go backward in time, and I can believe it dealing in ((+/-) 'c' (+300,000kps to Einstein's observer's preferred inertial frame velocity '0') (-300,000kps (unrecognized) to Einstein's observer's preferred inertial frame velocity '0')) as I do; and inertialess or non-inertial frames as I've done before.

It is a good probability when I talk about the frontier universe being a universe of "is" rather than "was." To mean, the universe itself may be a fast universe: faster than the speed of light.

What would you see, regarding time, looking out into such a faster than light universe? Looking to the most distant horizon of a faster than light universe? The other side of a particular coin?
As a faster than light entity, the universe itself becomes the biggest time traveler traveling back and forth in time. Stephen Hawking had to have seen it something like this way when he mentioned in a 'A Brief History of Time' that all life, life itself in the universe, had to do to remain in existence forever, in its "life zone" forever, was migrate forever toward a constant of that Big Bang Horizon. That that Horizon doubles, in my version of things, as the Horizon of the largest Black Hole of them all, local to every one of countless universes, is simply duality and String Theory and Chaos Theory, and even quantum mechanics, type physics. In other words, not relative.

Last but not least, entropy isn't a forward looking, forward evolving physic the universe [always] spending half its time returning itself and everything of it back to the wildest frontier, civilized lawns to wild savage weeds, beginning of things. But, once more, again, doing it [always]! Time reversal, a faster than light play, and faster than light stage, of universe . . . maybe, and as I see it to be possible!
If the universe were expanding faster than the speed of light, it would create a situation where light from distant objects would never be able to reach us, effectively rendering them invisible. As a result, we would only be able to see a limited portion of the universe, and anything beyond that would be forever beyond our reach. Additionally, time itself would be affected by the extreme conditions of a universe expanding faster than light, potentially leading to some strange and counterintuitive effects.
Exactly! And you don't even know the reality of what you said. That is patently obvious. It took me a while to catch on. You never noticed that, as I have it, the speed of light ('c') is not only '+300,000kps', but '-300,000kps' as well, and '1' (unity). Photo-still, photo-stop, in the universe is '0'-point, the only true stand still stop sign there is. It isn't Einstein's observer standing by the railroad track fidgeting. The speed of light may be terrifically fast, but it is just as slow as it is fast, and the invisibility of the unobserved, unobservable, current and concurrent universe that "is", not "was", never was", proves it. But the Horizon is a different story, a universal (radial) constant, an ever-continuing universal (radial) constant, a different dimensionality of the universe, and all that goes with the difference.

Until you read my posts, back thru the last several threads at least, please don't try to lecture me about the universe at large and particularly the speed of light. I spot immediately that you've read little to nothing of what I see and describe. Sometimes, here, it is what others have seen or imagined before me and if I see it, too, with them, I merge it into my model where it fits.
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It's a Three speed, speed of light ((c=+300,000kps to preferred frame velocity= '0') (c=-300,000kps, equally to preferred frame velocity='0') and (c=1 (unity))). Well actually four speed, including photo-stop action '0', the universe's seeming preferred frame, concurrent with '1' (unity), the radial Horizon of universe (all of the countless many universes (herein a temporary bow to Catastrophe)) being a frozen Multiverse (String Theory / Chaos Theory / Quantum universe / Complexity Science, all but relative (Relativity))-Universe constant). Terrifically fast (positive (+) constant to 0-point real, universe wide); [exactly equally] horribly slow (negative (-) constant to 0-point real, universe wide); unity ('1'), and photo-stop action ('0').
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Never really thought about it until now, and no one bothered to inform me in their books, etc., if they knew, but the "uni-" in "universe" does not stand for one (as in quantity of one) but "unity" (a quality). It is short for "unity."

"Verse", on the other hand, still means "turn", "to turn," "a turn," "a turning," (a turning unity . . . universe).
I enjoyed Stephen Hawking's 'A Brief History of Time'. Particularly him mentioning the six-sided particle that, at once, is six different particles.

I enjoy the concept, too, of a 'Multiverse Universe' (out of one, many) . . . a many-sided Universe (U) ("a turning unity") that is, at once countless many horizons of universe, countless many different universes (u) (countless many different unities, countless many different turnings, countless many different worlds). In one picture such is nothing more than entropy, nothing more than the largest Black Hole of them all's massively great debris field of anarchies, divisions, and disorder . . . whatever, the Chaos in Chaos Theory / the Complexity in Complexity Science.

Again, whatever! The Biggest Frontier of them all! Faster than the speed of light, invisibly unobserved and unobservable . . . yet so damn slow as to be a great light time history grid to navigate, ascending, for those travelers who someday can and will.

Or! Is that "so damn slow" -- as to go negative -- actually the faster than light stage setting envisioned for light time history grid traveling to 0-point destinations thru countless, thru infinities of, tunneling 0-point portals?! The faster than light negative time light time history field (grid) universe envisioned that would make us all time travelers of space. Make us flexible warp-bubble space-time travelers of the universe -- making us more and ever more inertialessly [distance covering] the more we accelerate / decelerate and cut -- tunnel -- ever tightening, ever shrinking, curvature, spirals, vortices, in ever straighter more diametrically crossing leads of those ever-tighter curvatures. Which is the faster and which is the slower universe stage setting? That which appears so damn fast or that which appears so damn slow?!

Multi-dimensionally, a Multiverse-Universe . . . and just my style.
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Corrected to (PBB(B)H (cc)) Horizon:

Two living 0-point-real clocks, synchronized or not, moving away from each other, whether one is at rest in Einstein's preferred frame or not, will each see the other now light time [imaged] clock descending in light time history . . . in-line with and eventually all the way to the far distant (PBB(B)H/IMU (cc)) Horizon -- again, in-line with and observed to be -- distantly back of both clocks. Light time [imaged] movements thru past (-) histories from a 0-point-real location.

Two living 0-point-real clocks, synchronized or not, moving toward each other, whether one is at rest in Einstein's preferred frame or not, will each see the other light time [imaged] clock ascending in light time history (in-line from the (PBB(B)H (cc)) Horizon observed far distant behind each . . . observed to be far distant back of both) toward a meeting of the two 0-point-reals in one 0-point-real location. Light time [imaged] movements thru future (+) histories to some final 0-point-real meeting location.

In-line with = inline of . . . both. They, the [imaged] clocks (not the 0-point reals which will always be some distance in an unobserved space and time future of the observed clocks . . . thus forming a flex expansive / contractive triangulation of three points -- one point observed, two 0-point reals unobserved -- in the universe), are then merging into the line of light time history to the (PBB(B)H (cc)) Horizon' whether moving away from each other or oncoming to each other.
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Still haven't got it right to my visualization. There is no following or preceding.

Thus (PBB(B)H (cc)) Horizon' (Real Time '0' (T=0) (which is obvious to it, but which I've neglected to make clear since I've returned to the forum)) satisfies, finally, my modeling of the Horizon (I hope). I used to use (t=0) for it also, but I know now that was a big mistake -- my thinking they were both the same. It must be the Big Time, the Big Real Time (T=0). Live and learn.

You do modeling, you shouldn't have loose ends, loose pieces of a puzzle left over you can't really account for or have absorbed into it.

In the Universe and countless universes of 'is', which is never the universe of "was," the early universe 'emerges', it never "emerged!" It ends (offset parallel endings), it never ended! It begins (offset parallel beginnings), it never began! Like Hawking clearly stated, life (the 'life force' if you will) migrates in a "life zone" of 'frontier universe' that just continues on and on (as a constant of an ever moving between fixed brackets (T=0) of (collapsed constant) Horizon, countless in horizons: ever shifting over in continuance . . . to infinity and eternity).
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Then I did some more addition to the addition to #8. Oh well, the painting, to the painter, never seems to be complete enough. It will be now, at least as far as #8 is concerned,

"Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.
"Once more into the breach."

PBB(B)H = Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole
(cc) = (collapsed constant)

(To me, Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (PBB(B)H), strange as it may look and may sound, could not be truer or closer to what I've visualized and tried to describe.)
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Here I said I was getting rid of it ("black") and I know I can't get rid of this long, long, standing conventional descriptive wisdom!!!! I have to go back, re-do, adding it into the merger (PBB(B)H).

It's done. And damn it, it's far better looking, as description of what I see, than it was.
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Warp-balloon-bubbles of space-time and the surface 'ground' of space and light time histories; and the particle in the box of 'uncertainty' being possibly anywhere and everywhere in the box at any time and at all times:

The Einsteinian traveler traveling at greater relative speed through the universe than Einstein's favored observer at rest in the favored frame of reference:

"I see the traveler to occupy more, to ever vastly more, space all at once as to time...." To mean straddling ever more light time history gridline 'time zones' in space all at once per the traveler's own time on his own traveler's clock.
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A dimension, a physic, that like the biggest dimension, the biggest physic, of Horizon of them all (the PBB(B)H (cc) Horizon (T=0)), is binary base2 (T=0 / T=1)!

The horizon of the speed of light and the Horizon of the Infinite Multiverse Universe run in closely paralleling courses in many forum threads, but I think this is last time I will have these rails, this particular train, run so parallel. Above, I've reached a closer understanding of this particular train. Others may not and there may be some kind of continuance of the ideas but that will be a different story.
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