Good news for life: Mars rivers flowed for long stretches long ago

As the report states about Mars. “The MIT team applied the technique to calculate how fast and deep rivers were in select regions of Mars in the distant past. They found that rivers possibly flowed for at least 100,000 years at Gale Crater and for at least 1 million years at Jezero Crater , the regions currently being investigated by NASA's Curiosity and Perseverance rovers, respectively. That's potentially long enough to allow for the development and support of life, study team members said.”

My notes, very interesting. Is the evidence on Mars better than what Charles Darwin cited in his 1871 and 1882 letters discussing the origin of life from non-living matter on Earth in a warm little pond? It seems there is a 100,000 year to 1-million-year time interval in the report where abiogenesis could take place on Mars thus life could live on Mars perhaps during this period and shortly after.

"...Though no evidence worth anything has as yet in my opinion been advanced in favour of a living being, being developed from inorganic matter, yet I cannot avoid believing the possibility of this will be proved some day in accordance with the law of continuity3"