Intuitive Machines moon lander sends home a haunting crater picture ahead of touch down today

Sep 20, 2020
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Best of luck to the lander - hope we can get some video footage of the descent and land (rather than just photos). Still boggles the mind how this day and age we still get only photos from all these space expeditions (I understand the data packets to send are big, but to use an aussie expression.... c'mon.....).
The problem is bandwidth. Space probes are short on power, have very narrow beam antennas, aren't able to keep them aimed properly during rapid descent maneuvers. An active aiming system to maintain lock on during descent would cost a lot of money, weight and power. They don't need it so they don't have it.
Feb 22, 2024
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I don’t know who to contact but you guys need to know about this.
Regarding your VideoFromSpace YouTube channel.
Your IM-1 mission YouTube live stream chat and comments section are awash with conspiracy theory addicts calling everything "fake."
The trolls realize there are absolutely no mods and treat it as open season, which encourages more trolling.
Please pass this message on to the appropriate person.
Thank you.

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