Macrocosmic Cloud Structure and Microcosmic / Quantum Cloud (aka foam / wave) Structure

Quick run by at the moment. I've never liked the use of the descriptive term "quantum foam" as one way to see the wave-side structure of wave=particle. If I can think first about it I will never use that descriptive term, "quantum foam," again! It is divisive of the microcosm and macrocosm which should never have happened at the smallest and largest scales. And which I have fought against forever it seems.

I've been reading about "cloud" structures in the macrocosm here and there and got to thinking about the foam / wave structure in quantum mechanics. Microcosmic higher energy point-particles, I understand, are [instantaneous-with-"observation"] or near instantaneous jumps, transformations, evolutions, of microcosmic lower energy foam-wave (cloud) structures . . . And higher energy galaxies and stars and other macrocosmic structures, are relatively less instantaneous transformations, evolutions, of macrocosmic lower energy cloud structures. Not low energy, I would suppose, but lower energy cloud structure that energizes, jumps to, transforms to, evolves to. higher energy more stable galactic, star, and other such structure.

I think, which I've long thought without putting them together in my mind's eye, that the two cloud structures, macrocosmic and microcosmic, are in fact two sides, one relatively sub-spatial // one relatively hyper-spatial lower energy cloud structured (thus less stable) // higher energy (thus more stable) . . . " of a single coin. Well, the two sides are actually both sub-spatial and hyper-spatial but what the heck, I'm in a hurry at the moment....

Think about it.
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