Ouch! Suddenly I See Ballooning Expanse In A Quite Different Light!

All of a sudden, I've seen if I take my oft described multi-dimensional picture and model of Multiverse Universe (U) and reduce it to just a 2-dimensional picture and model, I would have the almost strictly 2-dimensional balloon picture and model that would be expanding faster than the speed of light. I am intuitive enough regarding geometry to know that that ballooning faster than the speed of light means a surface area that is essentially already infinite in extent. That in this case, the very "faster than the speed of light" expansion viewpoint concerning this 2-dimensional rendering of the Cosmopolis, itself means a surface extent already infinitized.... viewed anywhere and everywhere local foreground-wise simply as a finite 'potential' infinitizing in an accelerating expansion.

It's a dimensional reduction to 2-dimensionality! Except! : There is a third dimensional 0-point center point of and to this particular 2-dimensional rendering. Hah! Hah! Something not seen thru (sic) by physicists, that I know of, because of that third dimensional 0-point center point, the rendering can easily be turned inside out. That picture can easily be turned inside out and even be seen both ways at once -- in either or both views at once. And exist in 'relative' reality both ways at once; in inside out turned / outside in turned reversals of the 2-dimensionality. You, and I, and a particle-wave and Earth and the Milky Way, and so on, would exist on the so-called balloon surface in one 2-dimensional view.... and, secondly, in the so-called 0-point center point (Hawking's "Grand Central Station" of the Universe?) in the other view. We would exist in both places, within both horizons here and there, in fact the same horizon to the inside point and outside flat, at once.

That is all there is to this so-called ballooning, a 2-dimensional rendering of multi-dimensionality (a 'collapse' in relativity of multi-dimensionality to a flattened 2-dimensionality, to.... -- on its dimensional way, I suppose, to a complete 'breakdown' in and of relativity, simultaneously on the way to a 'building' of relativity : Progression of relativity to relativity): This last, I'm talking travelers traveling universe (u) to universe (u), or, regarding the balloon 2-dimensionality, horizon to horizon, to infinity of horizons (in yet another dimensionality of multi-dimensionality, a curving and curling in upon itself / and/or out of itself, to infinity like an infinitely long rolled, roll of parchment. Not quite the same as traveling horizon to horizon on the relatively fixed curved surface of the Earth which is a matter of infinitesimal calculus regarding its infinity.

It changes nothing in my picturing and modeling, except to add that dimensionality (meaning that almost seamless downing --one version of "complexity collapsing" -- of dimensionality) to it. Ballooning blown to the infinitesimal one way / blown to the infinite the other way (credit "faster than the speed of light," and probably a certain force called 'gravity', too, regarding the warps up and down of the 2-d to 3-d (inclusive of 0-dimensional 0-point center point, balloon bubble(s))). (I've said before that I find it difficult, if not impossible, to get below binary (+/-) '1' and/or '0'. This binary dimensional pair, and singularity, mirrors and warps to infinities, it doesn't divide up or break down in the usual way since it is my 'Big Mirror' base binary.)
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