PollIng station experiences

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I voted about an hour ago at a nearby elementary school that houses 2 precincts.

The voting method was paper ballots where you fill in an oval with automatic counting machines. Separate partisan and non-partisan sections on opposite sides of the same sheet.

Both had lines of 10-12 voters, about right for the time of day. By the time I voted about 200 votes had been tallied on our precincts machine. This is about the same as for prevous mid-terms at this time of day, so we're looking at a normal voter turnout so far.

After voting a group of 12 neighbors gathered in the parking lot (outside the exclusion zone) to chat. Of this group I know 3 were Dems, 4 were Reps and the other 5 are independent ballot splitters.

When we compared our votes all but two Dems and one indie had voted Rep for all state and federal offices, a total of 9 of the 12. 4 of these were minorities; 1 black and 3 Hispanics.

The Dems are going to have a bad night in Michigan.


Not much to report. I've never had to wait in line at my polling place, and today was no different. There were three others voting when I walked up around 2 pm, and another couple coming through the door when I left. No chit chat or comparing notes/votes. I forgot to ask how many had voted by that point.


In and out of the elementary school in under 15 minutes - no waiting. The school is the site for a number of precincts. I think I was voter number 16 who had submitted their ballot to be cast. But I know a number who voted early or absentee.


Took about a half hour in a Detroit suburb that is extremely "blue". At least there were no black panthers dressed in army fatigues brandishing "nightsticks" (whitesticks!) scaring away voters....maybe in 2012....who knows.

I still think that whole mess should be thoroughly investigated and charges brought up against any involved in voter intimidation. And to think...the people on the right are still accused of these actions...come on!!?
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