Researchers dig deep underground in hopes of finally observing dark matter

Dark matter is bunk.
The easiest proof is it requires self contradicting properties in terms of gravity.
Think about the solar system.
Mercury is zipping around the Sun every 88 days.
The outer planets take hundreds of Earth years to make a single revolution.
Very different rotations per period (of time). (RPP)
Now look at the galactic stellar rotations from the Gaia data. (there are graphics online)
It looks like a slightly wobbly CD.
Essentially they all have about the same RPP.
So the inner stars are orbiting much too slowly & the outer stars are orbiting much too fast for standard gravity.
So the hypothized 'dark matter' in a disk galaxy would have to be in a faucet washer shape to draw the inner stars out & the outer stars in.
On the outside edge of that shape that 'dark matter' has all this 'dark matter' and its gravity on the inner side and almost nothing on the outer side.
Yet even over billions of years it is completely UN-influenced (drawn inward) by gravity.
It is itself immune to gravity.
In the middle of that faucet washer, where we are, it doesn't pile up around stars and planets and amplify their gravity so it is immune to gravity there as well.
Yet when a galaxy orbits another galaxy it does,
in contradiction with itself follow that curvature of gravity.
And it has other major problems as well.
That isn't physics that's bunk.
De Sitter & Schwarzschild relativity consistent space-times both have curvature without a single speck of matter.
'Dark matter' was a hypothesis that was born broken.
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