Strange building on the moon!

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JonClarke":g8onpt9j said:
Nobody is going to waste time taking pictures of the Moon through a large telescope when far better images are available from space probes.

This is close to what I was looking for, but the images have been limited in the display resolution. Copernicus and other interesting places on the moon have been imaged using the 2.4 m Nordic Optical Telescope.

You can not trust these images, however. See the logo of NOT: (internationalist symbol used by Mao Tsetung, The EU, the US, China, and communist Soviet Union).

A government astronomer once told me, that they have signed an agreement not to release info. I think 99% of astronomers get their paycheck from the tax-payers via government organized middlemen (=international mafia disguised as governments). As far as I know, there are no large private telescopes or astronomers working in the private sector. International corporations do not count as private entities.
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