The 1st light to flood the universe can help unravel the history of the cosmos. Here's how

The article reports, "Because recombination happened all over the universe at the same time, CMB radiation streams to us from all directions evenly. That means that this cosmic fossil looks the same in all areas of the sky  —  which scientists describe as being isotropic. This sameness, even at opposite sides of the universe in areas not currently in contact, is one of the key pieces of evidence that the universe once existed in a hot and dense state and then underwent a period of rapid inflation, which we now call the Big Bang. But it is in the areas where tiny differences arise that scientists find a useful cosmic fossil record. Within the CMB are small deviations from this uniformity called anisotropies. It is through these anisotropies that the CMB contains information about the evolution of the universe."

Apparently, as the Universe expands and the *1st light* continues to evolve from the early hot dense state, there would be large scale differences in background temperature visible today - without the inflation patch, something about the CMBR that should be clearly presented to the public. Inflation uses the inflaton, something not observed in nature. The h-alpha line is not seen in the CMBR today or the H1 21-cm line confirmed during cosmic dark ages showing hydrogen gas present and metal free. See some recent discussions here,

Another aspect of the CMBR I find not commonly reported. The postulated redshift when this light first appears, about 380,000 years after the postulated BB event (that violates conservation law of energy), today has a comoving radial distance from Earth about 46 billion light years away. Using cosmology calculators like Ned Wright, the angular size distance mapped to 1 arcsecond size about 61 kpc, if we could see an object with the redshift used for the CMBR today. It seems there are some aspects about the CMBR explanation for its origin, that remain untested and not validated.
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The universe exists today! in an incredibly "hot dense state". At exactly the same time, the universe exists today! in an incredibly cold deep hole state.

"An infinite, absolute, density is at once an infinitely, absolutely, deep hole." -- Atlan0001.
You might picture matter universe state / antimatter universe state, all at once. Or positive energy state / negative energy state, coinciding (at the same time).

No information is created or lost by the universe at large. No state of the universe is here one instant and gone the next in the infinite multiverse. Linear and nonlinear, for just one example, both exist and exist in more or less discrete parallel (parallels), always.
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I worked with radio most of my life and I believe we misunderstand light to a severe degree. I believe any change in frequency or any change in phase is a true indication that there is a change in position/velocity. I also believe that no matter what our velocity, we can calculate the relative velocity of all emitters that we can detect. To a rather high degree. Because we can cancel out our velocity relative to the emitter.

Plotting the V(r) of all observed emitters, we can get a better idea of our speed and perhaps even our relative direction. Perhaps even establish a stationary point. As we approach or recede.

And I believe that this is possible because emission is an instant dynamic, but reflection and detection, is a duration dynamic. Which makes light asymmetric, just like mass and just like gravity.
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