Western US residents report the most UFO sightings — what are they actually seeing?

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I love it when people express contrary ideas. That means they are thinking of something other than themselves, even if it is for their enjoyment. I hope I am such.

I wouldn't want to discourage it. Most have a train of thought to get them there. Organized reasoned thought. It takes practice. It's becoming rare.

You ought to here some of the stuff I come up with. Aliens are a minor affair. I go big.
The handle 'Hardcrunchyscience' seems to treat science as a consumable sensation,
Like corn chips.
Feel free to explain...

Intelligence is a working process,
not a substance one can possess or 'have'..

It's not a location in space-time one can 'arrive' at.

It's an internal viewpoint where comprehension aligns with evidence.
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