Why it takes so long for the sun to burn out?

Apr 19, 2021
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I'm having difficulty to comprehend the burning sun or any other star.

The age of Sun is 4.603 billion years, this sound like hell a lot of time for flammable fluid to burn out, for instance if you set gasoline to fire it will burn out very quickly, how is that for the sun it takes billions of years to burn out compared to when you set something on fire here on earth?

It almost makes me believe to be a hoax, what's even more fascinating is that the Sun is burning on all its "sides" since it's round it should burns at maximum speed isn't?
Bigger stars perhaps should burn at same speed since bigger stars have greater burning area than small stars as well, therefore the size of a star doesn't sound like an explanation.

So why it takes so long and how could we comprehend slow burning?


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