Question Wormholes and blackholes

Jul 2, 2021
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If you were to build a universe, first you engineer the structure of holding. Holding is gravity. Wormholes could be the universes holding structure, Blackholes could be the parts of the wormholes leaving pieces? Then you add galaxies to the structure with planets. Etc. Could be wormholes and blackholes related this way?
Oct 25, 2019
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Before you go to that explanation you should explain the dynamic of the of the Red Blue shift that is being viewed and how it speeds up. By observing a hydrogen atom under an electron microscope we see a shadow of the electron in it's shell, you should ask your self how is possible make the shadow unless it is hyper extended in velocity the shadow is a reaction to not exceed the velocity of the speed of light. Just as a photon pushed to the speed of light it takes on mass which means it has attraction to another body of matter is registered as gravity.
Despite certain physical theories and science fiction, we keep imagining space to be absolute. One problem with that is every time we go away from some place, particular astronauts going away from the Earth, the picture contracts and becomes more inclusive of periphery, that inclusiveness contracting the observable picture ever more the farther the traveler travels away. The same occurs when we move into a picture, like the landing strip we observe from the air the gains close up detail, another form of periphery, the more into it we get. In both cases an observably expanding [[local]] universe to the fore while contracting to the rear within enlargement. Arrival in a future to the fore, while leaving behind past to the rear (well a form of travel into the past rearward).

No picture we see of blackholes has anything going into them perpendicularly. Things take a path round and round and round, the merry-go-round [[spiraling]] into beyond the event horizon. I sometimes wonder if it space isn't absolute concerning a blackhole either. That round and round, and round, is a fantastic distance, and just maybe an expanding universe, or on the way into one, expanding and expanding, and expanding, the traveler, if surviving the debris sucked in, finding himself lost in some other universe. As is claimed sometimes, it being a gateway. Like I said, though, "if surviving the debris", it not being any sane person's first choice to go universe to universe : To [[land]] in a different locality, an expansion in fore(ground), concomitant to contraction in rear(ground). [[Observably]], into the future to the fore (all the way [[from]] the constant of BB horizon to the fore). Into the past to the rear (all the way [[to]] the constant of BB horizon to the rear).

This, above, for me, is just alternative thought about the subject.