A 79-year-old mathematician may have just solved an infinite dimension puzzle that's vexed theorists for decades

That diagram, "The vector is an eigenvector of the matrix" is Chaos Theory's "zoom universes," their "fractality," In depth, or vertical universe, vertical universes, a matter of hyper-spatial space levels of universe. Keep going and it goes to infinity, with conservation, identical conservations, all the way up and out into the infinite (the infinitesimal), and all the way down and into the infinitesimal (the infinite). Space, spaces, vertically in depth of hyper-spatiality to infinity, universes vertically in depth all the way, and their masses and energies, their mass and energy, conserved all the way since, ultimately, they reduce, they close up in Horizon, to just one absolute set of all, including the mass and energy of just one absolute set of all.

There is no mass ('0'-mass), no energy ('0'-energy), to the "zoom", the "hyper-spatiality," or gravity, or quantum gravitational strong force, itself. Infinities to the overall space, yes, but none to the mass, the energy, or the non-existence of infinite density since it, an infinite density ('1'), is at once an infinite hole ('0').
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