How To Alien Propulsion Technology

Aug 31, 2021
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Do you know that little cars, kids play with, having mechanical coil inside that is rolled pulling the car backward and activated by simple release which pushes the car fast and rather far up front? Now imagine series of pulling and releasing. Even more, imagine torsion of the multiple piezo electric coils which in addition to mechanical push also add strong electromagnetic force. Directing it we could achieve accelerations and agility seen in the UFO's.

Nazi scientists supposedly developed flying saucers that used vacuum retractors, allegedly tripled to increase the suction. Instead of back push you had front pull. I would like to get a copy of schematic. If Kenneth Arnold and United Airlines UFO sightings in 1947. were real it could be that Americans retrieved those saucers and experimented with them.

With sophisticated nuclear fusion reactors and balance of vessel weight and available energy it could be possible to achieve interstellar trips in the near future. So far humans haven`t used nuclear reactors for space travel. Our biggest achievement are huge fireworks using different propellants to create thrust. Effective but primitive.

But talking about intergalactic voyage and time travel things become much more complicated. Or not?

If there is underlying quantum field allocating mass to the particles, as well as physical and chemical properties, based on their initial numerical value received at the moment of their creation, teleportation and intergalactic travel could be achieved by tackling with quantum field, meaning that particles will be stripped of their properties, turned into energy, or pure quantum data, digitalized and laser beamed to the destination. If we have spaceship with sophisticated nuclear reactor, by demassing the vessel, we should achieve much faster travel possibly of intergalactic nature.

No matter how fast we go we will never travel into the future. Imagine two objects A and B. A is traveling 300.000 km/s, B is traveling 30 km/h. In 8 minutes and 20 seconds object A will be 150 million km far away, while object B will move only 4km. Object A has not traveled into the future. If we somehow surpass the speed of light we will only travel faster than light meaning that we will move more than 150 million kms in 8 mins 20 secs. We will leave light behind like object A did with object B. Observe that we are bound to physical 3d reality not temporal where time is scalar component. In order to travel through time we must manipulate with time. Unless we turn time into two way vector future/past only theoretical mean crossing my mind is to use vicinity of black holes like depicted in the movie Interstellar where space and time are stretched. For example, 1m becomes 1000m and 1 second becomes 1/1000 second. The catch here is that, unlike space, stretching time does not extend it but moves it toward zero. While for the rest of the Universe time passes in general manner - for us our relative time is stopping or has stopped. Roughly speaking, 1 minute here is 100 years on the Earth which practically makes us travel into the future. Can we travel into the past reversing this idea? What if we compress space and time like in the singularity? 1 meter becomes 1/1000m and 1 second becomes 1000 second. Space is falling down to the 0. We stand physically still in one place, all forces are at necessary minimum, and time flies toward infinity. Slides of our past time flow through us until we decide to settle. There is dual and contra logic involved. By lowering the amount of time we travel into the future. By raising it we travel into the past. Are black holes and singularities gateways from scalar-time to vector-time and back? If so, can we safely approach singularity? Maybe using spaceships based on nano technology or using anti-gravity shield.
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Nov 16, 2019
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Carlo Rubbia’s Americium 242 concepts need to be looked at again.

The concept of jacketed thrust streams might allow Nuclear Salt Water Rockets…the outermost hollow stream “holds” an inner hotter stream no nozzle could handle.


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