Are we really made of 'star stuff' and what does that even mean? (video)

As the article declares near the end, "As it turns out, Carl Sagan was right. We are literally made up of star stuff," Randall said. "And the story of stars in their lives is also the story of the elements that make up our body. We're all part of this grand cosmic cycle."

There is a two-step issue here IMO. 1. Showing the pristine, primordial gas clouds exist(ed) in nature like metal free gas clouds from the cosmic dark ages and Population III stars 2. Demonstrating how star stuff gets turned into life. Example, how Type I or II supernovae, nature converts the ejected matter and material, and later nature turns it into life. (Looks like a vast extrapolation here).

Setting aside issues with observing metal free gas clouds and Population III stars *in the beginning*, we have the problem of how nature converted these particles and elements into life itself. Louis Pasteur showed in early 1860s, life comes from life (before Charles Darwin wrote his 1871 and 1882 letters on the warm little pond). This report has some comments about Charles Darwin approach to abiogenesis.