Can black holes fall into wormholes? Scientists may have a way to find out.

If we are just talking about sci-fi fantasies, then I guess it kind of depends on which is more powerful, the black hole or the wormhole. As a wormhole structure is expected to maintain some semblance of matter, then it would be shredded upon the black hole's event horizon. If the black hole was smaller than the wormhole, then the black hole could destabilize the wormhole and cause it to collapse in on itself. Either scenario doesn't make much sense, as it is a bit like asking who would win between two superheros.
All these theoretical modeling is all speculative and prone to sheer fantasy. Of all Black stars observed in the universe, no one has ever observed a Worm Hole, even Einstein had to come up with the conclusion that they probably don't exist. We want Worm Holes to exist because it would make space travel a possibility. They talk about Dark Matter and Dark Energy, but no one has ever detected this stuff that a large chunk of the universe is made of. Dark matter/Energy does exist; it just doesn't exist here. Worm Holes do exist, but not in our neck of the woods. What of the multiverse? Do infinite dimensions result in an endless photocopied version of this universe, resulting in infinite versions of you? Nothing exists outside this universe, so we implode creating endless variations of me. We have Dark Matter/Energy tearing the universe apart and worm Holes shallowing the caramel centers of galaxies, and a endless array of me in endless dimensional universes. We would be live an interesting life, if we can prove any of these really exists. So far it only amounts to (good or bad) fiction. Till some one proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that any of this exists in reality, you can take it to the Tower of Babylon host it up as a flag and see who salutes. If a Worm Hole swallow's a Black Hole and it gets caught in the middle; would you have to perform the Heimlich Maneuver? What would become of the Black Hole once it is coughed up, out of the Black Hole, or would it come out the other end. It is either barfing of crapping, one way or the other it has to dislodge. One way or the other. One way or the other.
Nov 18, 2019
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Now there are too many speculations in theoretical physics thanks to the two pillars: Einstein's relativity and quantum mechanics, both of which have already been disproved. Many theoretical physicists like to use mathematical concepts to replace physics without any supporting experiments and observations. They actually don't know what a "wormhole is and how it looks like when it is observed through a telescope. The picture shown on the front of the article is just a normal vortex in the three-dimensional space, nothing to do with the so-called worm hole.

As relativity is disproved (see ), we know that the isotropic speed of light can only be relative to its medium - aether just like the isotropic speed of sound only relative to its medium - air. As light can go in all the visible space around us, aether is everywhere in the space too. As the medium of light and other electromagnetic waves delivering all electromagnetic forces, aether plays critical roles in all physical processes in the visible space. Without taking into account of the effects of aether, quantum mechanics should be wrong too. It is much more logical that the wave property of the wave-particle duality is the result of the interaction between aether and the particle, not ridiculous wave of probability which is only a mathematical concept (not a physical substance).


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