Circumstantial (Situational) Universe

In the 'circumstantial universe' the electron will always be an electron (-) or a positron (+) and a proton always (+) or (-).

The 'circumstantial universe' is always there, always here, always with us. Never anywhere else, never anything else.
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Whether an electron (-) is an electron (-) or a positron (+), and a proton is (+) or (-), is the physics equivalent of a local, relative, personality issue based on environmental-physical circumstance or situation. In the quantum cloud (at all telescoping of the cloud to infinities) and unobserved it (mirrored matter and energy) is essentially an "integrated" personality . . . an integrated entity . . . probably obedient to Newton's first law.
If the universe keeps self-repairing itself, eternity to eternity, is it ever the same universe, including position and momentum, instant to instant, moment to moment?

A knowledgeable, discerning, historian will give this answer to that question, "Yes, history always repeats itself in large though rarely, if ever, in discrete local detail . . . doing it all of the time; for all time."
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I have a ton of bar bets out there saying the universe will never repeat. If it does, I'm in big trouble.
Sorry Bill, but you lost your bar bets eternities ago. Eternities ago, including future history, the future past.

Of course, you can keep mum about it for a good while longer and no one will ever know you already lost ("entropy" actually meaning "in turn" or "return." as "universe" means "a turning unit and/or 'unity'").
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