Stargazing Cosmoreka! Mystery of the Universe solved.

Aug 31, 2021
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Cosmoreka! I have solved the mystery of the Universe.

Here it is: .

It is that simple. Hah! Got you!

Here it is for real: the key to the riddle lies in the contrast. Compare the micro and macro level of the Cosmos: on cosmic micro level we have nucleus and electrons making atoms, molecules, compounds, things, areas, regions and landscape. On cosmic macro level we have stars and planets making solar systems, galaxies, clusters, super clusters, filaments, giant filaments and voids added. Now, jump back and forth. Follow this premises: 1) Each galaxy has super massive black hole in the middle. It has gravity, which is actually anti-gravity because it is reversed, with negative mass. Right? If my calculations are correct, and as late, distinguished professor Hawking already stated before me, total energy of the Universe is 0. Easy math. +1 -1 = 0. 2) What could be its parallel on the micro level? Pure singularity. Dot with radius zero. Nihil. Nada. Zilch. Almost nothing having minimal attraction. Enough to hold atoms structured but not pulled in. Just like super massive black hole.

Breath deep.
Self-conscious. Logical. Intelligent. Creative. Immense.

I can give It a name.

Perfection. The origins of the Universe is utmost harmony between two primordial, fundamental, opposing forces: the essential diversification emerging from the initial singularity. "One made two, two made three and that three made life to all else" - as ancient wisdom said. What is it prophesied if not proton, electron and neutron? Hence, I call It Perfection. Hence, let It be Universe.

3) What are the main characteristics of the anti-matter? It has negative mass. What is the main characteristic of the black hole? It has negative mass. Isn't this two facts corresponding? Ding-dong! It is me: anti-matter, says black hole. Who? Anti-matter. Yes, black hole.

4) Quartz or SiO2 transmit energy of the photons through. Glass has amorphous structure. Dark matter obviously transmit energy of the photons through. Dark matter has amorphous structure. To detect dark matter we must find the anomaly in the interstellar density. Then we must observe it using modified, specially tuned star light adjusted to oscillate in the frequency. The focus is on the ratio of the speed of the light between confronted amplitudes.

5) To travel at the speed of the light we must use the intergalactic vacuum. To surpass the c we must deep dive into the fabric of the space-time, into the quantum field itself. How? By connecting to the core power grid exploiting the previously mapped quantum fluctuations. Where do sparks happen in the electric circle? Exactly there were two opposing charges meet: at the current frontier. Exactly there were neurons intersect: in the synapse. How to program the Universe? With its machine code. With the cosmic binary hack. Only by cheating the system we can override it.

Haul! Haul the ship across the vast skies.
From one side to the other in a blink of an eye.
Cause there is no voyage like infinity.
Sail to the horizons, brave explorers of the new worlds.
Let us all embrace this one common task:
Ours, but ours together, is the Universe to be conquered.
Aug 31, 2021
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I will make two additions to my Cosmoreka post.

First, I want to explain the ability of detecting the origin of the Universe.

Second, I want to predict another characteric of the dark matter in addition to its amorphous structure I already proposed.

First... I heard argument that we can not know who made the computer by inspecting it. Not immediately with just one surface look but after the thorough analysis of the computer, solely based on its architecture and components, we can determine the characteristics. When we know characterics of the computer then we can name the maker. I will use my notebook for an example. Imagine I do not see the label. I start visual examination: I see keyboard, mouse and screen. Everything is organised. Then I turn my notebook on: picture appears and operational system is starting. It is functional. Then I use it. I can do a lot of different things with it like calculations, graphics and programming. It is intelligent. Conclusion: my notebook is certainly architectured not chaotic. From discovered futures, organised / functional / intelligent / architectured, I can name the maker: engineer. An engineer made my computer. My computer is not a product of chance but the result of clever engineering. We can even go step further and read the labels put on the main parts and on the outside. I can precisely determine the maker.

Same procedure can be done with the Universe. What are the characterics of the Universe? It is utterly logical, intelligent, harmonised, creative, immense. Now I can give a name to the Universe origins: Perfection. We can even go step further and search for the labels. To do this we will have to learn the universal cosmic language. How? By solving the riddles Universe offers: black holes, anti-matter, dark matter, dark energy and quantum field(s) which are just five of the many. Then we will be able to precisely name the origins.

Second, when I contemplate dark matter I take into the account the fact that transparent objects do not oscillate in the frequencies that absorb or reflect photons. Therefore, dark matter electrons obviously have different wavelenghts than photons. To detect dark matter we must adjust our telescopes to the specific frequency. How? By tuning the optical sensors until we find the right frequency. Just like when radio operators search for the right frequency - they tune their equipment until they find the signal. To do this we can use natural star light and artificial lenses made exactly for this purpose.

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