dryson's photon "physics"

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MeteorWayne":3srmlsvz said:
dryson, please stop posting your made up Physics in the Physics forum, or I'll have to split the thread to the Unexplained, and make up my own title for it.

Your ignorance of Physics is so profound, it can not be tolerated in this forum. So either stop posting here, or be prepared for every topic you derail with your imaginary, ignorant understanding of physics to be split off. You have exhausted the patience of the moderator team.

Wow Wayne just when I didn’t think you couldn’t be vicious and nasty you prove me wrong, I’m beginning to understand why Jim48 launched that attack on a few weeks ago in that coast to coast post.

You have exhausted the patience of the moderator team

Since your power on this forum seems to be absolute one can only assume that you are the only moderator. Anything you don’t understand just gets shoved down in the unexplained basement, and when someone complains you threaten them.

It is your actions that will be the undoing of space.com not people who post their theories. Science is a changing medium, one theory is often proved then disproved. Why don’t you just create another category such as speculative science instead of publicly humiliating people by making out that they know nothing about anything and you know everything there is to know.

Posters have become too scared to launch a defence every time you cast them down. It is unravelling the essence of what this site is all about.
Not open for further replies.