Earth Orbit Rescue Shuttle for Personnel

Dec 6, 2023
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Well you could possibly do it with the Shuttle, which had an airlock for EVAs, but its not a realistic solution since we have reverted back to relatively small capsules to go to and from space.
Mar 31, 2023
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Rescuing sick astronauts is a great usage for 'Space Tugs."!!

Space Tugs will be orbiting gas stations and their primary income will come from refueling old valuable satellites. They'll eventually have a mechanic on duty to make mechanical repairs to meteoroid hits.
They're already being developed but as yet, are too small to incorporate a personnel hatch and a habitation room.
SOON, There will be inhabited hotels in space and their owners would surely spend a lot of dough to make a contract with an "orbital ambulance!!" It would encourage more tourism and enhance profits.
The Dream Chaser space plane could be adapted to be an on-orbit tug and rapid reentry space ambulance.!
It is scheduled for first launch as a cargo boat in 2024.
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